About Us

My name is Lisa Marie, and I'm the founding shopaholic
for the wonderfully convenient online concept store 
"Thred Therapy Boutique".
Thred Therapy started as a concept of not having the time to shop for reasonably priced fashionable clothing after giving birth to my now 9 year old son. I decided to use my experience in sales to provide a shopping experience for women who are undoubtably going through many of the same issues that I am such as juggling family, work, school, child therapies, extra curricular activities, etc.
Finding time for me to look and feel good in what I was wearing was a definite challenge with pretty much no time left for myself to shop, groom, and feel good about me.  I found that looking and feeling good in what I was wearing, was essential to my well being and happiness as an individual, and a Mom.  After speaking to other likeminded women, it was a key element in how they felt about themselves too.  After all, who wouldn't feel better when they feel good in what they are wearing?
Thred Therapy is the cure-all for your shopping crave!
We bring the latest fashions right to your social media pages as well as our website so you won't miss a single product launch.  Our boutique shopping finds are only a tap, click, and scroll away.  
We have what you need to dress your very best, and I'm so happy to be able to provide this shopping avenue to all of you.
We run it all ladies!  Look great while doing it!  
Happy Shopping and Much Love! 
-Lisa Marie 
*Thank you to my husband and son, my biggest fans for helping and supporting
me through it all!!!  ILYSM4ETIAB